• Working knowledge of:
    • California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA"); and
    • National Environmental Policy Act ("NEPA")
  • Coordinate between lead agencies, responsible agencies, other consultants, and clients in the preparation and organization of CEQA environmental review documents, including:
    • Initial Studies;
    • Notice of Preparation ("NOP");
    • Negative and Mitigated Negative Declarations;("NDs" and "MNDs")
    • Environmental Impact Reports ("EIRs"); and
    • their NEPA equivalents
  • Confer and advise with public agency staff, designers, attorneys, and other consultants regarding impact mitigation alternatives
  • Negotiated resolution of complex environmental and regulatory requirements of overlapping (and sometimes contradictory) agencies, including:
    • US Army Corps of Engineers ("ACOE");
    • US Fish & Wildlife Service;
    • CA Department of Fish & Wildlife;
    • CA Regional Water Quality Control Boards ("RWQCB");
    • CA Department of Transportation ("Caltrans"); and others
  • Providing inspection and reporting services associated with environmental requirements, such as mitigation monitoring and reporting programs
  • Preparation of public agency presentations and representing clients at agency staff and board meetings
  • Provide alternate solutions when beneficial to achieve compliance with established goals of environmental review documents
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