• Preparation of application documents associated with real property subdivision, such as:
    • Lot splits and mergers;
    • Parcel maps;
    • Tentative and final tract maps; and
    • Annexations
  • Preparation of application documents associated with real property development, such as:
    • Minor and Conditional Use permits;
    • Planned Development projects;
    • General Plan, Land Use and Zoning Ordinance amendments;
    • Residential Second Unit permits; and
    • Grading, public improvement and building permits
  • Preparation of project Conditions of Approval, such as:
    • CC&Rs;
    • Architectural Design Manuals;
    • Mitigation Monitoring Programs;
    • Vegetation Management Plans (for fire protection);
    • Habitat and resource protection plans; and
    • Other project conditions and mitigation measures as necessary
  • Analyzing, organizing and prioritizing conditions of approval for development projects
  • Confer and advise with public agency staff, architects, builders, attorneys, contractors, engineers, and the general public regarding project issues
  • Providing inspection and reporting services associated with project requirements, including mitigation monitoring and reporting programs
  • Preparation of public hearing presentations and representing clients at Planning Commission, City Council, Board of Supervisors and other committees and boards
  • Provide alternate solutions when beneficial to achieve compliance with established agency goals & ordinances
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